Haroto Suites

HAROTO Suites offer relaxed luxury and tranquility, to the modern traveler, in Tripiti village, an area with a rich history. Moreover, their stunning 360°  view of the sea and volcanic landscapes and the fact that are located close to the Ancient theatre, the Catacombs and Klima, make them the ideal place for your accomodation.

HAROTO Suites exemplify the spirit of eclecticism with their inspired ambience. Blending the local color with contemporary as well as classic touches, they propose a refreshing design concept of elegant luxury.

They are the perfect staycation choice for couples, offering a unique boutique hotel experience.

Discover our two luxury suites of 45m2, each and indulge to their cozy character.

Airbnb (Suite 1)

Aibnb (Suite 2)


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